Monday, May 21, 2007

UN Concerned about CIA Secret Prisons in Poland

The UN Committee on Torture has asked Polish authorities to provide additional information on the alleged existence of US illegal prisons in that country to hold suspected terrorists.

According to reports quoting unidentified UN sources, there is serious concern about Poland's collaboration with the CIA-sponsored secret prison program.

The reports say that the UN panel, made up of ten experts, has asked Polish authorities for detailed information on an investigation carried out by that European country's parliament and which the government has used to reject those accusations.

International human rights agencies have denounced the existence of secret prisons run by the Central Intelligence Agency in eastern European countries, including Poland and Romania.

Despite Warsaw's rejection of those accusations, the UN Committee on Torture insists on demanding additional information on confidential inquiries carried out by the Polish Parliament.

Last year, the US government admitted the existence of those secret prisons, where suspected terrorists are tortured and ill treated.