Friday, May 18, 2007

Kidnappers are given prison terms

Three Polish men have been jailed for a total of eight years for kidnapping a fellow countryman in Dunloy in 2005.
The three were also charged with false imprisonment and wounding.

The court heard how Adam Duda had been placed in the boot of a car, but managed to escape in Ballymoney, where police were called.

However, he was recaptured before officers arrived and a ransom demand of £16,000 was made to his wife. He was later rescued by police.

Speaking after the case at Ballymena Crown Court on Friday, Detective Chief Inspector Nick McCaw said it had been the result of a police investigation into the exploitation of Polish workers by a minority criminal element within the Polish community.

He said it highlighted the effectiveness of the PSNI's translation, community engagement and investigative systems.

"This case and its result prompts me to make two points to our migrant workers. First, if you are the perpetrator of a crime, you will be investigated by the police and brought before the courts in the same way as anyone else in Northern Ireland.

"Secondly, if you are a victim of crime that emanates from within your community, or anyone else, we would encourage you to follow the example of the Polish complainants in this case and report the crime to your local police station.

"We will support you and take the details of your report in your own language, aided by our translation services, and conduct an investigation to endeavour to bring the offenders to justice."