Friday, March 30, 2007

‘Killer hid under tarpaulin’

A POLISH man accused of murder was caught hiding under tarpaulin soon after a 26-year-old Maidenhead man was stabbed to death in a seaside town, a court has heard.
Harpal Sumon of Holyport died after being knifed in the chest and arm on a night out in Southend.

Bardhyl Haziri, 27, of Hartingdon Road, Southend, has denied murder and has been on trial at Basildon Crown Court since Thursday last week.
Mr Sumon had gone to a car cruising event with his brother Harpreet, 21, and friend Paul Sandhu and on to a night club on July 7, 2006.
Trouble broke out when they returned to their BMW parked outside Marine Parade shops on the seafront.
The victim’s brother said he was in their BMW when he saw Harpal standing with two men and their body language suggested a fight was brewing.
Mr Sumon said his brother hit one of the men who fell to the ground and was then ‘lunged at’ by Haziri. He said: “My brother shouted, ‘I have been stabbed’. He had his hands to his chest. I think he ran to get help towards the seafront.”
Harpal Sumon was taken to Southend Hospital but died shortly after.
Harpreet admitted he was ‘tipsy’ on the night of the murder and had not picked out Haziri in a police identification procedure, but insisted he was the man who attacked his brother and threw the knife into bushes.
The trial continues.