Thursday, March 29, 2007

Airport break-in

A POLISH man was arrested yesterday after entering a restricted area at Larnaca airport by climbing over a fence.

The unnamed 43-year-old entered the area north of what is known as Gate 13. According to authorities, the man, who is employed on the island, attempted to jump over a fence close to the VIP lounge.

He was spotted by an officer from the air wing of the police, arrested and taken to Larnaca police headquarters where he was questioned with the help of an interpreter.

According to sources in Larnaca, the man treated the female interpreter in an “untoward manner.”

The man showed slight injuries on the right side of his face but police said they had managed to establish that he had been in a car accident on Monday.

Officers ran blood tests on the man and found he was heavily drunk. They suspect he may have been trying to stow away on a plane to Warsaw.

Larnaca police superintendent Soteris Hadjichristofi said the Pole was incoherent “due to intoxication”, so police would wait until he was lucid again before questioning him.