Friday, September 29, 2006

Poland - government has to go!

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Demonstration at Wiejska Street (Country Road) was started yesterday around 10am by the members of municipial (self-government) entente 'Our City'.

'We protest here against political corruption. We'll be here for very short period: just as we will receive information that Mr J Kaczynski [president] resigned, we'll stop' - said representant of 'Our City' to one of the medias.

In early afternoon (1 pm) polititians of SLD, SDLP, PD ('Left' and left 'out of party order' opposition) joined togehter with their youth clubs members, They brought banner 'PiS[1] - Paranoia and Schizophrenia'. One minute of silence was celebrated in the name of IVth Polish Reich death (main PiS catchword during the elections).

The demonstration was populated by PO (Citizens' Platform - Polish liberals), Self-defence (former co-governing rural-conservative party), Zieloni 2004 (Greens 2004), Rationale (anticatolics), Workers Democracy and Anarchistic Federation.

Protesters held banners "Fuck of duffer" [2], "PiS - Criminals and Ratters", "Parties - thanks", "Enough!", "Ducks [3], Zoliboz [their district] is ashamed of you!".
The demonstration is peaceful. The only 'incident' was burning the banner of the PO by editor of Critical Politics (leftish free thought magazine), Sławomir Sierakowski and Olek Pawłowski, activist of Schools' Pupils Initiative. There were also some smaller verbal arguments...


'They came to raise their objection against corrupted government. They met a lot of from PO and SLD. Luckly there was aslo opposition of neoliberals (PO AND SLD) from Greens 2004, Rationale, Workers Democracy and anrachists. Those who did not want to stand with PO and SLD had opportunity to stand with someone else.


It is a pity that there is no more of lefts, anit-capitalists or/and alterglobalists. [...] We should not give the field to liberals.