Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poland’s IPN publishes files of 2,300 Communist-era secret services collaborators

The IPN, Institute of Public Remembrance, Poland's war and Stalinist-era crimes authority, has published on its internet site the files of some 2,300 employees and collaborators of Communist-era security services, Polish Radio reports.

The files include those of 1980s Interior Minister Czeslaw Kiszczak, security police chief Wladyslaw Ciaston, who had been involved in the kidnapping and murder of the Solidarity movement chaplain Jerzy Popieluszko, and around 500 other high-ranking members of the party and government administration.

The Institute has also supplemented its internet lists of persons who had been in the interest of the security services, radio adds. Among the files is that of the husband of Julia Pitera, the minister responsible for fighting corruption. A known documentary film maker, Pawel Pitera, has denied that he had ever acted as an informer for the security services in Communist times, Polish Radio says.