Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anti-corruption officers detain former MP

The Central Anti-Corruption Bureau has detained a former MP of the Civic Platform Beata Sawicka. Her mandate expired at midnight. The arrest was ordered by prosecutors, who justified the move by the seriousness of her crime. On Sunday, Beata Sawicka said she would turn up at the prosecutors’ office on Monday of her own will.

Sawicka had been detained by the bureau officers before. On October 1 she and the mayor of a small Baltic coastal town were caught red-handed, while receiving a bribe for fixing a tender for a plot of land in the area. Two weeks later, a documentary footage showing how Beata Sawicka was receiving the first installment of the bribe, was presented to the public amidst the ongoing parliamentary campaign.

Prosecution had issued an arrest warrant for Sawicka after she had been caught red-handed in a major corruption case by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Sawicka faces up to 10 years in prison for accepting a bribe in exchange for illegal assistance at high state administration levels.

Sawicka has admitted to the charges before the media, but the prosecution has not confirmed if she has done that before proper authorities as well.

The Civic Platform immediately removed Sawicka from its ranks. The woman claimed she was seduced and manipulated by a Central Anti-Corruption Bureau officer.