Thursday, November 02, 2006

Poland ranks in the Internet Spam top-10

Currently Poland is seen as a hotbed of Internet fraud and spam. Poland's Internet provider is helping to foster that image. It is rated currently as the eighth top spam network in the world. See The spam that emanates from this network not only fills mailboxes around the world with trash and fraudulent offers, it does economic damage to Polish companies.

Internet spam generally result because certain Internet providers knowingly sell their services to known spammers. Other Internet providers, often because it is economically beneficial to do so, turn a blind guy to the spam problem.

One of the organizations that combat spam is known as Spam House. For those who utilize the services of Poland's Internet provider, the name Spam House becomes familiar very quickly.

It is a matter of routine for users of to have their e-mail services blocked by Spam House because Spam House determines, in its own arbitrary way, that an innocent user is a spanner.

In order to be removed from the Spam House of blocking list, one must contact Spam House and request them to manually review the account and wait for it to be unblocked. That normally takes one to two hours. This can shut down a company's operations and cost the company a great deal of money in lost productivity.

Likewise if one is using one of the wireless network cards, it is not uncommon to have a emails blocked by Spam House. If one is mobile, such as on a train, the inconvenience of having to wait a couple of hours to have e-mail unblocked can be most frustrating.

An alternative solution to the problem is to disconnect one modem from the Internet for about five minutes. If one is lucky, upon reconnecting the new IP addresses assigned to the wireless card or to one's own modem will not be blocked by Spam House and one will be able to quickly resume Internet operations. To this a caveat must be added concerning wireless cards. In some areas only a few IP addresses are assigned and all of them can be blocked. So connecting and unconnecting will not help.

Calling is essentially a waste of time because they say that the problem is not theirs and one should contact Spam House.

Even though Poland in many ways leads the world in use of the Internet, its leading Internet provider seems to have no interest in helping rid the world of spam.

This is not only harmful to private and business users of the internet, but also to Poland's image and reputation around the world.