Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poland's Andrej Lepper tempts fate

Poland's former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Agriculture, Andrej Lepper, holds the financial future of all but 800 people in his hands. He has the ability to financially destroy almost all these people by calling promissory notes in the amount of 500,000 zloty each signed by approximately 857 people. He may find that one of these people will do something unexpected.

Andrej Lepper took promissory notes from people who were put on his political party, Samoobrona, election list

According to reports, he was supposed to return the promissory notes to those people who were not elected to the Polish parliament in the last round of elections. It is claimed that after many requests, people who have asked to have their promissory notes returned were ignored.

A spokesman for the Samoobrona said that if these people really wanted their promissory notes, they could come visit Andrej Lepper rather than expecting to get the promissory notes returned by mail.

When repeatedly questioned by television reporters about how many promissory notes Andrej Lepper held he simply ignored the question and walked on. He would not answer any questions at all about the promissory notes and what he intended to do with them.

Rumor has it that Andrej Lepper has used some or all of these promissory notes as security for loans.

The promissory notes in value of 500,000 zloty each far exceed the total wealth of many of the people who sign them. Calling of the promissory notes by Andrej Lepper, or a third-party that holds the note as security for loans, could destroy a the life's work of many people.

Andrej Lepper has already, in the past, escaped death when his home was set afire. At that time the he made the comment, "They tried to kill me."

As it stands now, Andrej Lepper maybe subject to a legal offensive by a former member of the Samoobrona party who coincidently is one of the richest man in Poland and who has offered to help others with their legal bills in defending against Andrej Lepper.

But it may be that not all the people who are threatened with financial ruin by Andrej Lepper will be satisfied with the legal offensive. One of these people may take a chance and threaten Andrej Lepper physically. Worse yet, one might take the unexpected path of doing the unexpected.

Andrej Lepper seems to think that he is in a position of control. Andrej Lepper should not be so cocksure and expect the unexpected.

Tempting fate in this instance may not be the wisest thing for Andrej Lepper to do