Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Poland expresses regret over 'hooligan' attack on Russian teenagers - Poland has expressed regret over an attack of the children of Russian diplomats in Warsaw. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry described it as ‘an act of bandits and hooligans’ but stressed that it was without any political or international overtones. ‘This should not be linked to any kind of political action against the Russian Federation’, he said. Three teenaged sons of Russian diplomats and a young Kazakh national were attacked and robbed in a Warsaw park by a group of young Poles. All four victims were hospitalized. Nine people who may have been linked to the violence were detained but later released. Speaking on television, Russian president Putin described the incident as an unfriendly act that can only be described as a crime.

Diplomatic Warfare Between Poland and Russia Intensifies - Poland will not officially apologise for an incident in which children of Russian diplomats in Warsaw were beaten by a group of Poles. For the Russian authorities, the mugging was deliberate and confirmed anti-Russian sentiment in Poland. Is another diplomatic scandal looming around the corner?